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Welcome to Majestic Heights
Your Premier Installer of Double T Concrete Bridges
in New Zealand

At Majestic Heights, we take pride in our expertise in the construction of Double T concrete bridges and our extensive experience in installing bridges of all kinds. With a vast partner network across New Zealand, we are well-equipped to serve your bridge installation needs anywhere in the country.

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Single Span – Farm or Subdivision Bridges

For straightforward single span bridges, our collaboration with structural engineers allows us to offer a streamlined design and construction process. By utilizing pre-developed designs, we ensure cost-effective outcomes. Together with our structural engineer partners, we handle design, produce construction drawings, and obtain building consents from local authorities, simplifying the process.


In many cases, when constructing simple bank-to-bank bridges that don't encroach on waterway areas, a resource consent from the Regional Council isn't required. However, for more complex projects, we engage specialist consultants to navigate the permit process.


Our commitment to flexibility means we can provide solutions tailored to your requirements, utilizing a variety of construction materials, including concrete, steel, and timber, or combinations thereof, based on your application and budget.


With years of experience across New Zealand, we're well-versed in the terrain and ground conditions in different regions. This knowledge enables us to recommend the best-suited bridge options for your specific application.

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Foot Bridges and
Cycle Bridges

Majestic Heights and our partners are skilled in constructing footbridges and cycle bridges of varying scales, materials, and construction methods. Whether it's concrete-filled steel piles, precast pier stems, structural steel substructures, or timber decking, we have the expertise to deliver the right solution.


Our proficiency extends to best practice construction methodologies for all types of bridges and materials, ensuring the highest quality in every project we undertake.

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Concrete Deck Bridges

When durability and low maintenance are paramount, our concrete deck bridges are the ideal choice. Engineered to handle various loads, these bridges offer a robust and long-lasting solution. Spanning from 6 meters to 26 meters, with multi-span options available, they are versatile for diverse applications.


We offer various construction options, including pile installation, reinforced concrete abutments, pier caps, hollow core deck slabs, and topping slabs or stitch joints. Our experienced team at Majestic Heights has the skills to construct every aspect of a bridge, ensuring a seamless and dependable result.

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Bridges for
Every Application

No matter the application, whether it's for pedestrians, farms, forestry, golf courses, parks, or subdivisions, we have a comprehensive range of Double T rural bridges and alternative options. Our collaboration with our engineering and supplier partners enables us to facilitate every stage of your bridge project, from initial site consultation and engineering requirements to potential council consents, design, fabrication, and professional installation by our trusted contractors.


Choose Majestic Heights for your bridge installation needs, and let us bring your vision to life with excellence and precision. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore the world of possibilities that our bridge solutions offer.

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