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Property Development

Majestic Heights have been building and constructing Majestic structures for some time now and have developed a reputation for skilled craftsmanship and quality fittings and finishes.

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Land Development

We have beautiful 600+ m2 sections for sale in popular areas in Canterbury. If your looking for something with a backdrop of the stunning Port Hills or in the newly subdivided Halswell area we have exactly what you are looking for! Also working on some big developments in Auckland.


Residential building

Introducing Majestic Heights, where luxury living reaches new heights. Nestled in the heart of a vibrant cityscape, Majestic Heights is a premier residential building that redefines urban living. With its exquisite design, world-class amenities, and unparalleled views, this architectural masterpiece sets a new standard for contemporary living.


Majestic Heights is more than just a residential building; it's a lifestyle statement. Experience the epitome of luxury living, where sophistication meets comfort and where every detail is designed to exceed expectations. Discover the pinnacle of urban living at Majestic Heights, where you can truly elevate your life to new heights.

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Financial Support

As a building company, we understand the financial challenges that individuals and businesses may face when it comes to construction projects. We are committed to providing not only exceptional construction services but also financial support to ensure that your building needs are met without compromising your budget. Our company offers various options to assist you in obtaining the necessary funds for your project. We can provide guidance on securing loans or exploring financing options, helping you navigate through the complex process. Additionally, we have established partnerships with financial institutions and can help you leverage those relationships to access favorable rates and terms. Our goal is to alleviate the financial burden associated with building projects, enabling you to focus on achieving your construction goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

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